The precise details of each are open for negotiation but I typically work under two different types of commission schemes:

Hourly Rate: Starting at $15 per hour of ‘working time’
A per-hour structure based on my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) built in ‘working time’ tracker which only counts time while input is actively being put into the software. Often ‘working time’ is less than actual time spent working on a track but because ‘working time’ is automatically tracked and easy to prove I feel this is the most honest way to report time. I typically recommend this for developers that know what they want, can communicate their needs easily, and/or have worked with me before.
Flat Rate: Starting at $50 per 60 seconds of complete work*
This one is the most straightforward and is preferred by developers who want more predictable costs. The rate can be modified by genre, complexity, and licence type. For a quick estimate as to how these various factors may affect your costs we have set up a web calculator to give you an idea of what it may cost. Due to the nature of flat rate commissions additional terms involving a draft, revision, and approval process may apply. The exact details of this will be explained as part of our initial interview and quoting process.

Note: The web calculator is simply a rough estimate to give you an idea how the various aspects of a song may affect costs. Contact me for a full quote and additional details.

Payment Options Include

  • PayPal Invoice
  • Stripe Invoice
  • Amazon Checkout
  • Western Union