Flat Rate Calculator

Want to know how much your soundtrack will cost? Below is a calculator that can help you estimate how much your Flat Rate commission may cost. The calculator below is simply for a quick estimate, for an actual quote please contact me for a FREE consult so we can discuss your project.


About Track Length:
A “standard” track is usually around 16 bars of music and may vary from 60-90 seconds in length, depending on tempo. Using standard tracks as a base metric “simple” would be 75% of a standard track and “extended” approximately 150% standard.

Licence Info:
‘Owned Licence’ grants you full, unlimited, rights to the music I create for you with only an attribution clause.
‘Limited Exclusivity’ a limited licence where you have the exclusive rights for one year. If your game releases within that exclusivity period your exclusivity may be extended for up to another year from the game’s release date. You may choose to ‘buy out’ into an owned licence at any time.