Whisper of a Rose

Developer: RosePortal Games
Tracks Featured: 8
Soundtrack Co-written With:
Glenn Murawski, Matthias Verbinnen, Tarissa Tavelier, and Brian Coffi

Game Description:
Set 14 years in the future, the story picks up with Melrose, a teen girl abused by her parents at home and by her peers at school, pining for a better life—preferably one that resembles her dreams, in which she is a noble warrior princess in a fairytale world. Just when it seems her life could become no worse, she hears about a prototype machine that lets people live inside their dreams. She purloins it from the local museum and suddenly finds herself exploring her dreams—only they’re more like nightmares. Turns out the dream world she inhabits is being informed by her fears, not her desires, and now she has to fight to escape.

My Thoughts:
Whisper of a Rose has recently been my main source of musical attention. I was glad to be given the chance to write some of the music to such an amazing work of art. I also had the opportunity to work with very skilled colleagues; some old, some new. The songs I contributed to WoaR, like the rest of the soundtrack, were inspired very much by the whimsical and mysterious world the game is set in.